Hamilton: There’s no one like Murray that I’ve seen on TV


Lewis Hamilton has paid tribute to the legendary Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 97.

Walker worked as an F1 commentator for the BBC and ITV between 1978 and 2001, calling his first ever Grand Prix in 1949.

Known for his distinctive voice and enthusiastic style, his death on Saturday led to floods of heartfelt tributes from within the world of motorsport and beyond.

Hamilton paid his respects to Walker with a post on social media, before adding more in his press conference on Sunday.

“I just remember hearing this iconic voice.” he said. “Growing up, and watching all the grands prix, he really made the sport exciting.

“Even without watching the TV when you are out of the room, you hear him, you are excited and it makes you want to run back in and see what is happening.

“He is very much loved around the world, particularly in the UK, and his contribution to the sport was huge.

“There has been no one like him that I have seen on TV. No one can come close.”