Aston Martin: Vettel has less extreme driving style than Perez

Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel

Aston Martin technical director Andrew Green believes that Sebastian Vettel has a “less extreme” driving style than his predecessor Sergio Perez.

Vettel arrived at the freshly rebadged Aston Martin Formula 1 Team over the off-season and got his first opportunity to drive the AMR21 at Silverstone during a filming day on Thursday.

Prior to that though, Vettel has spent plenty of time in the simulator at the team’s Silverstone base in order to help with the car development process.

Looking at how the team and Vettel could work together in order to get the best results, Green said that Aston Martin has the capabilities to “tune the car to suit him”.

“He does have his own personal driving style, but that’s no different to the driving styles that we’ve seen from other drivers,” he said following the launch of the AMR21 last week. “I’d say not as extreme as the driver he is replacing, who had a very extreme driving style which was very difficult to get right at all tracks.

“It shone at certain tracks and didn’t at others. I think Seb’s style is a lot less extreme. And we have the tools and capability to tune the car to suit him for sure.

“We’ve already started working on that. We’ve been working on that for the last month in the simulator. And he seems very happy with the directions that we’ve taken. So, yeah, no problems there.”

Asked how he had found working with Vettel so far, Green explained that his “contribution started immediately”.

“We haven’t really got into the where his head was at previously, we’re a team looking forward, but all I can say is he appears incredibly relaxed,” he added.

He has integrated into the team very quickly, his contribution started immediately, and I think we’re going to get the best out of Seb, I really do, he’s at the top of his career, he’s there, so I think if we can’t extract the best out of Seb it’s our fault not his. I’m confident we can get Seb in the right place.”

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier).