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Ferrari announces partnership with Estrella Galicia

The week before the traditional preseason presentation was very busy for Ferrari. Together with, we will tell you about the changes related to the Italian team.

On Monday, at Jerez, Pirelli began this year’s first test series for 18-inch tyres that will be used next year. Three days of races are held with the participation of the Ferrari team.

On Monday, Charles Leclerc drove the car. According to the Italian company, the Monégasque drove 110 laps on the so-called intermediate tyres (the coating was moistened using a special irrigation system).

On Tuesday, Carlos Sainz replaced his driving partner. The 2019 car was used for the tests, with suspension and brakes modified to suit tyre and wheel sizes.

Meanwhile, Ferrari announced a partnership with Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia. This brand is a personal sponsor of Sainz, so the Spanish driver likely influenced the agreement between the parties involved. The brand promotes its non-alcoholic beer Estrella Galicia 0.0 through car racing.

Mattia Binotto: “We are delighted to start our partnership with Estrella Galicia 0,0, a global beer brand. We share many values ​​with a Spanish company, such as the pursuit of excellence, respect for tradition, a connection with our geographical roots and the craftsmanship of our products.

Moreover, Estrella Galicia 0.0 has been present in motorsport for many years, with a focus on talented youth. This is another area that unites us.”

It has also been officially confirmed that the team has changed its watch partner. Hublot has been replaced by another Swiss brand, Richard Mille. The logos of the new sponsors can already be seen on the team’s riders’ clothing.

Ferrari will hold its traditional pre-season presentation this coming Friday. However, it will not show the team’s new car – the world will see it as part of the online presentation to be held on March 10, a few days before the start of pre-season tests.