Anthony Hamilton: Lewis wants to do other things in life

Anthony Hamilton believes that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have loyalty bred on mutual success which resulted in the one-year extension, but also hints there is life after Formula 1 for his son.

As is widely reported Hamilton inked a one-year extension with the team he hopes will take him to his record-eighth F1 world title come the end of this season.

After that is anyone’s guess… When they (inevitably) scoop their 16th title in eight years, will it not be time for Mercedes to call it quits and remain only as an engine supplier? Will Lewis want to continue?

The short-termness of the new deal suggests some big changes at the end of this season ahead of the new 2022 era. It does not take a sage to look at the chessboard and see where the real power base lies in the sport these days.

But at the same time Mercedes and Hamilton have history. They backed him through his junior years, and the Briton has only raced in F1 with Mercedes powered cars.

Speaking on TalkSport, Anthony Hamilton senior pointed out, “They’ve had a long relationship together. I think loyalty is quite important in this world nowadays, so it’s nice to see them coming together for another year.

“I don’t think the record is the target… there’s a realisation that obviously he’s getting older and wants to do other things in life. There’s more to life than racing, but for now he’s happy to do another year,” added Hamilton senior.

Meanwhile, with ink now finally dry, reigning world champion Hamilton is readying to defend his title. He starts the odds-on favourite and, by the end of the season, there may not be a record left to break for the 36-year-old.