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Report: Rule allowing FIA specified parts could be scrapped

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The F1 Commission will discuss whether rules allowing the FIA to specify the design of parts should be scrapped during its meeting on Thursday, according to RaceFans.

Known as Prescribed Design Components, the use of such parts was initially introduced as a cost-saving measure.

The components are built to an FIA-issued specification and their use is mandatory, but fears over liability could lead to the rules being dropped.

“The proposed removal of PDCs (and their re-allocation into other categories) is related to the process through which such components get designed, and how we will arrive at the best cost-saving while ensuring that teams that may have contributed to their design do not get burdened with unnecessary liability for their functionality on other cars,” an FIA spokesperson told RaceFans.

“In our analysis it was deemed that other categories could be more effective in achieving this aim.”

The report by RaceFans adds that the move has not come in response to the incident involving Romain Grosjean at last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

The F1 Commission is also set to discuss the sprint race proposal on Thursday, which could be trialled during the 2021 season in a bid to increase excitement.

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