Lewis on Holiday! Training, prepping, sending love and light

Lewis Hamilton is ramping up his training with stints in snow-covered mountains posted on Instagram, accompanied by his words of inspiration in the fresh air, amid what might be a blossoming romance during his off-season.

Shoving the elephant out of the room first; paparazzi snaps of a “mystery blonde spotted leaving Lewis Hamilton’s Beverly Hills hotel cabana” are doing the rounds in the British tabloid media.

The mystery lady was quickly demystified when the Daily Mail reported that lady in question was American model Grace Lindley (pictured above), some suggesting the flame of a romance might be flickering between the pair. Nothing is official as yet…

Meanwhile, officially, the reigning F1 World Champion has been keeping his fans in the loop with inspired posts as he prepares and gears up for another year with the mighty Mercedes team, targeting more F1 record-smashing and history-making.

Hamilton wrote in a recent Instagram post, “Every morning I hike to the top of this mountain and I take some time to set my goals and intentions for the day. I’ve been training every day and at these altitudes, I find it’s the perfect place to push my mind and body to new heights to prep myself for the year and season ahead.

“Today, I’m sending you all positivity and light. I know these uncertain times can be dark but I want to ask that you don’t lose sight of your goals. Let’s keep each other motivated and focused. I believe in you.”

More inspiring thoughts from his mountain training ground: “Hey World, I haven’t been on here for a while. I’m here every day, getting my mind and body right. I’m hiking to the top of the mountain every morning. 3 of those hikes I cross country ski once I get to the top which is at 3400m, killer.

“I love altitude training, there is less oxygen high up so working out is much harder than at sea level, just walking up the stairs you feel it at 2000m. Normally when I finish training here and return to sea level running is such a breeze.

“I’m trying to find the right balance in cardio and strength building. On top of that, lots of work ongoing in the background. Many moving parts but just checking in to let you know I’m doing good, I’m healthy and mentally strong right now in my bubble.

“I hope you are staying as positive as you can with all that is still going on. Keep your head up. I can’t wait to see you all again at some stage soon. Sending you love and light,” he added.

The 2021 season mark’s Lewis’ 15th season in the top flight, a career in F1 that began at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix. He will be hunting 100 Grand Prix victories – he already has 95 big trophies on his mantlepiece; his on 898 at pole position starts and, of course, an eighth title beckons.