Motorsports and Formula 1 Betting Strategy Guide

Do you want to win incredible motorsports bets and take all the cash home? Well, probably this is the reason you are here.

If you want to make money betting on motorsports, then there are several strategies that you must utilize. Having these worthy strategies by your side will not only increase your chances of making tons of bucks. But it will also improve your knowledge of motorsports and eventually, you will learn to bet on the right person or team in the future.

In this motorsports betting guide, we will provide you some valuable information that will enable you to take your motorsports betting game to the next level. So without further ado, let’s jump into the guide and know more about these stunning motorsports betting strategies.

Key Factors In Motorsports – Financial backing and Team Owners


Motorsport is a fascinating sport, but most of the novice bettors fail to understand it. It is a well-established idea, and there is a lot of tendency in the fact that the driver’s driving skills play a significant role. But while this is essential, it certainly does not hold the bulk of the importance.

To be a successful motorsports driver, one also requires substantial financial support, a dedicated team, and solid ownership.

Therefore, while making your betting picks, you must make yourself aware of the teams with strong financial support and an impressive track record.

So how to look for such teams? Well, you will not have to dig into their bank accounts. It is much simpler. Just look for the historic race winners, and you will get to know which teams are performing consistently.

interlagos aerial brazilian grand prix sao paulo

Understanding Different Types Of Tracks

When football teams play football, they play on the same size ground no matter wherever they play. The same case is for basketball. However, when we talk about motorsports, the scenario is entirely different.
In every race in motorsports, the pitches or tracks where the drivers compete are wildly different. Usually, novice bettors make the mistake of not considering this essential factor.

Therefore, before finalizing which driver or team to bet on, you must understand the nature of the track. What material is used to make this track? Is it an easy track for the racers? Is the track long or short? What are the weather conditions? Is the race scheduled in the day or at night?

These are some of the questions you need to ask before making the move of betting upon a particular driver/team.

Lower Your Risk Of Losing A Bet With Matchup Bets

There are several simple betting types in other sports, like the correct score (in football), that lowers bettor’s variance. However, when we talk about motorsports, the matchup bet comes into mind.

One of the most effective ways of lowering your risk of losing a motorsport bet is to opt for matchup bets. In a matchup bet, you will have two choices of drivers, among which you need to pick one. It does not matter where both the drivers finish or if they even complete the race. All that matters is which driver ends higher than the other one in a matchup bet.

Your probability of winning a bet will eventually increase when you have to pick one out of two drivers instead of choosing one out of 40.

Professional motorsports bettors often indulge in matchup bets. Matchup bets do not only lower their overall risk of losing. But it also opens the door for earning huge profits over each race.

There are several other types of bets in motorsports, such as:

  • Podium Finish Bets
  • Pole Position Bets
  • Stage Winner
  • To-Win Bets

Teammates Are Important

Motor racing is technically an individual sport that does not seem to require a team effort. People do not usually appreciate the role of team members, including mechanics, strategists, and engineers. However, if you observe, then you will get to know that teammates aid in providing a foundation that helps drivers to improve their performance.

A driver can indeed win a race or two independently, but having a solid team becomes essential in the longer run.

Therefore, being a bettor, you must look for drivers with dedicated teams.

Weather Strategies

Another thing to take into consideration is the weather. You may not believe it. But, indeed, atmospheric or environmental conditions can significantly impact both the car and the driver’s performance.

In motorsports, there are several cars that drivers use. Some of the cars hold themselves better in the rain/wet while others do not.

Moreover, in motorsports, there are two types of tires used on cars and bikes. These two main categories of tires are slicks and rain tires. Choosing the wrong type will not only affect the performance of a car, but it can also result in defeat.

Therefore, analyzing the weather conditions before opting for a car to bet on becomes essential.


If you are looking for a little more adrenaline with your betting, then motorsports betting is something you should give a go. Betting in motorsports with proper strategies and tactics can lead you to the road of profitability. Bet Wisely! Bet Rightly!