Ross Brawn, Lewis Hamilton

Brawn: Anyone that questions Hamilton should watch Turkish GP

Ross Brawn, Lewis Hamilton

Ross Brawn described Lewis Hamilton‘s Turkish Grand Prix victory as a “masterpiece” and urged those that question his ability to watch it.

Starting sixth on the grid in wet, low grip conditions, Hamilton moved through the field slowly, largely avoiding mistakes, while managing his intermediate tyres on a drying track for over 50 laps.

The win secured his seventh world title, equalling Michael Schumacher’s record, and Brawn described it as “one of the greatest races of the year”.

“Lewis drove a brilliant race,” he told RaceFans. “If anyone questions that ‘he’s got the best car, he ought to win’, they ought to watch that race because that was a masterpiece.


“We had some very negative comments about the grip levels and the conditions. And we had one of the greatest races of the year.

“I think everybody took something away from that. It was interesting to me to see the more experienced drivers come to the fore there.”

With the Istanbul Park circuit having been resurfaced just a few months ahead of the race, there was less grip and as a result, the cars were far slower than they had been throughout the 2020 season.

The speed of the cars was a big talking point ahead of the regulations tweak in 2017, but Brawn said the race proved that slower cars can still produce great on-track action.

“That’s another thing that we’ve sort of taken into consideration, that it doesn’t necessarily follow that producing the fastest lap time is going to produce the best race,” Brawn added.