GrandPrix247 seek candidates for paid internship

Do you have a knack for writing? Are you passionate about motorsport? Even harbour ambitions to make a career out of the combination…

In response to numerous approaches by contributors, we have decided to create a six-month internship programme for wannabe media people, working for GrandPrix247 and our network of sites.

During this remote-work internship, the successful candidates will be given a crash course in training and working as a journalist/editor on a busy motorsport website.

This will encompass the following:

  • Writing breaking news reports, features, reports during race weekends, interviews;
  • Research, verifying facts, headline writing, translations;
  • Sub-editing and proofing;
  • Photo editing;
  • Press release writing and syndication;
  • Working to hourly and daily deadlines;
  • Training and hands-on use of WordPress CMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Interns will be paid for their contributions during this period.

The goal is to provide a platform for talent to develop and gain exposure through our network. In our remote online-based editorial room environment interns will tap into a vast pool of experience provided by seasoned media figures Paul Velasco and Michele Lupini, GrandPrix247 editor Will Dodds and SimRace247 editor Darren B.

In six months successful interns will be exposed to an exciting remote working environment and, hopefully, emerge richer in knowledge of our industry, well equipped to take their skills and career to the next level after this hands-on crash course in motorsport media.

To apply, please email william.dodds[at] with a CV and a brief letter detailing your interest in motorsport and future ambitions. This programme is available to anyone, regardless of age or experience, please feel free to get in touch if Racing is in Your Blood.

Will Dodds, Editor: “I started my journalistic career doing just this sort of programme and am delighted to be involved in offering something similar to people in the same position I was in a few years ago. GrandPrix247 is a great site with a really engaged audience, so anyone that takes the opportunity to get their work published with us should be excited.”

Paul Velasco, Publisher: “I wish I had a similar programme when I started out!. Hopefully, through this six-month programme, we will unearth new and deserving talent, whereupon the intention is to fast-track them into the world of motorsport journalism with an intense ‘baptism by fire’ within our independent network and ethos which will only serve them well in future.”

Darren B, Editor SimRace247: “Sim racing is an exciting and growing community-based genre that pulls in real-world racing drivers and motorsport enthusiasts from all around the world. eSports, as well as community-driven events, are very popular, so candidates with a fair knowledge of the sim racing community are very welcome.”

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