Norris: I'm not sim racing with Max so much this winter

Norris: I’m not sim racing with Max so much this winter

You would think in the off-season, with lockdown a harsh reality in the UK that Lando Norris would spend his time sim racing.

But fresh from launching his Quadrant project. Norris contracted COVID-19 and his simming escapades -followed religiously by a growing band of fans – have been put on ice as he spends quality time with his parents ahead of what will be a gruelling season.

Speaking to RacingNews the McLaren Formula 1 driver explained, “I asked Max [Verstappen] during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend if he expected to do a lot of sim racing this winter. I haven’t because as I spent time with my family.

“I don’t have a sim at my parents so I don’t expect that I will do much sim racing with Max this winter.”

Instead, Lando revealed his other passion, for helmet design, “I expect Bell to send me a few more helmets. I like to make helmet designs, so it’s nice that Bell sends me some helmets.”

However, he admitted, “Still, I think it’s a shame that I won’t be doing much sim racing now because I really enjoy it.

“I’d say on average I’m on there between four or five hours. It changes depending on the competition or how I’m feeling sometimes, whether I don’t want to focus so much and want to relax and be more like other kids in a way and playing Call of Duty or something like that.

“Sometimes you are so caught up and enjoying the moment you are in, whether I’m streaming and chatting to everyone, or playing difficult games with different people – sometimes I’m enjoying it and I forget how much time can pass by during the day.

“Suddenly it’s 11 o’clock and you’ve forgotten to have dinner or something,” added the 21-year-old.

Meanwhile, his real-life and virtual rival, Max, is occupied with matters of the heart as he enjoys time with his new flame Kelly Piquet; it would be safe to say that sim racing is not his top priority right now.