Verstappen: You can’t overtake with these cars

Max Verstappen has criticised the existing Formula 1 regulations stating that drivers “can’t overtake” in the current generation of cars.

The sport was due to introduce a new set of technical regulations ahead of the 2021 season but they were delayed a year due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, the team’s will carry over their 2020 cars into the new season, with a token system limiting the number of significant changes they can make.

F1 has made some slight tweaks to the regulations for the new campaign in a bid to reduce downforce levels, focusing on the floor and the rear end, but Verstappen said that they should look to make the cars lighter.

“You know what the problem is, you just can’t overtake with these cars, at least not on most circuits,” he said, as reported by “That’s why you always want to go for a one-stop.

“That way you can let yourself fall back a bit afterwards, causing the person behind you to get stuck. At that point it’s up to you as a driver to keep the tyres in one piece until the end of the race after the pit stop. On other circuits, however, we sometimes even have to go off the gas to save fuel, because the fuel tank is not big enough to go full throttle all the time.

“It would be better, also for the tyres, if the cars were a lot lighter.”