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Hamilton: Human rights issues a massive problem in countries F1 races

Lewis Hamilton believes that Formula 1 “can always do more” to push for change in the countries where human rights issues are a “massive problem”.

The announcement that F1 will race in Saudi Arabia for the first time in 2021 has brought further attention to the issue, but the fact remains that for years the sport has travelled to countries with issues surrounding human rights.

Hamilton has been an outspoken activist on issues such as Black Lives Matter, with drivers wearing anti-racism t-shirts ahead of the races in 2020 and some choosing to take a knee.


Speaking about how the presence of F1 can help force positive change in the countries where it races, the seven-time world champion said that while steps have been taken, there needed to be more “work behind the scenes”.

“Of course the human rights issue is a persistent and massive problem in some of the places we go,” he said.

“I think this year has shown how important it is not just for us as a sport, but for all sports around the world is to use the platforms they have to push for change. I think we took a step in that direction, but we can always do more.

“Some steps have been taken for the countries we are going to, but it is important to ensure that they are implemented in the right way so that we not just say we are going to do something, but actually see it something is done. It will take some work behind the scenes from all of us.”