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F1 versus NASCAR: how do they compare?

If you enjoy high-octane racing action, then Formula One and NASCAR are no doubt on your radar.

After all, both sports give fans plenty of high-speed drama and entertaining moments. Although they may both involve racing and have big followings, there are some clear differences when you compare them.

Of course, the most obvious is that NASCAR is a sport from the USA, which means most of its fans are there, whereas F1 is more global in its fan base.

But what else stands out when you compare these two? With F1 pre-season testing starting in Bahrain soon and NASCAR kicking off in a few weeks, now is a great time to find out.

Betting on F1 and NASCAR is possible

One of the major ways in which F1 and NASCAR are similar is that they’re both very popular options for punters. For many people around the world, online sportsbooks now offer the easiest way to do this.

The added bonus with heading online to bet on either sport is the amount of news, articles and guides to check out. The latest NASCAR odds, predictions and betting lines can be found on, one of many sites to explore the sport of NASCAR and many other American sports.

One difference when you compare both sports in terms of betting, though, can be how accessible they are. F1, for example, is carried at pretty much every online sportsbook or physical bookmaker globally – this is not always true for NASCAR races, which can be harder to track down.

The cars

When looking at Formula 1 vs NASCAR, the cars that each makes use of are very different. F1 cars, for instance, can steer in either direction and have sophisticated onboard telemetry, so drivers can stay on top of their cars’ performance mid-race. NASCAR vehicles, on the other hand, do not have any such expensive tech on board. Once the car is set up pre-race, the driver then has to drive it, as is, for the entire event. NASCAR vehicles can also only turn left – hence the oval tracks they drive on.

NASCAR teams use stock versions of cars from manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota, which they then modify. F1 teams build their cars to a custom design, and they have much more control over this aspect. As a result, F1 cars can look very cool and futuristic.

The Racing

As both sports involve drivers racing around tracks in high-performance vehicles, you would think that the racing is similar. But this is not the case. F1 tracks can be any shape, as long as they form a loop eventually. This allows track designers to come up with lot of turns and chicanes.

This can make F1 a more interesting sport to watch than NASCAR. In F1 racing, cars are not allowed to make contact with one another for safety reasons. Formula 1 races are normally shorter and usually come in around 80 laps.

NASCAR is very different. The tracks in this sport are all oval-shaped, with no other twists or turns. NASCAR races last for much longer, as drivers usually put in over 300 laps and each car races until the total number required is completed. Unlike F1, NASCAR does allow vehicles to make contact when racing. While this can create some exciting action, it can also lead to spectacular crashes.

The Season

The way the season works for F1 compared to NASCAR is also different. F1 usually begins in late March and finishes in December. It has around 23 races and calculates which driver is awarded the championship based solely on who has the most points. For many people, this makes F1 a little easier to understand and follow.

NASCAR, however, usually begins its season a little earlier in February and then runs until November. The season in this sport has many more races to watch – this can be anything up to 38.

The winner of the championship in NASCAR is not decided just from the points tally over a season, either. Instead, the top 16 drivers qualify for a play-off series come season end, and it is the winner of this series who is eventually crowned.

F1 vs NASCAR – both are great sports

There is no doubt that both sports offer great thrills and spills to racing fans. It would be unfair to say one is better than the other, as this is just not true. For a lot of people, the easy access, simple rules and engaging racing of F1 does draw them in. Whether you follow one or both, you will be sure to have a great time.