Dumontier: I can confirm we will process your refund Monday

Canadian Grand Prix organisers signalled their intent to refund 2020 race ticket buyers, despite long delays, as F1 fan Warren Liebman was assured this weekend that he would be reimbursed on Monday.

Liebmann, who started a change.org petition to highlight the situation, outlined his grievance in an email to our news desk, we investigated and it was clear he was not alone as Reddit and Facebook groups testify.

On Saturday, we published our findings in the report here>>>

Within hours of the report going live on our site yesterday, François Dumontier, president of the Canadian Grand Prix and the head of Octane Racing Group, responded to Liebmann with the following email:

To which Liebmann replied:

With Liebmann’s payment guaranteed, a mere few hours after providing our report going live, suggests there is intent by Dumontier and his team to address the issue of delayed refunds, perhaps only stalled by the logistics of lockdown.

Furthermore, the fact that the most senior person in the Octane Racing Group took action is a positive sign for fans unable to take up the offer for their 2020 tickets to be transferred for this year’s race.

Although Dumontier nor his organisation has provided our site instructions to pass on to fans seeking refunds, the process to contact them works, with contact addresses and an email form can be found on the official Canadian Grand Prix website here>>>

Our suggestion to fans wanting refunds, for the race that did not happen last year in Montreal, is as follows:

  1. Fill in the contact form available at the abovementioned link outlining your claim etc;
  2. No response. Proceed to email your claim to all the addresses shown on that page;
  3. Email Dumontier; his email is not on that page but easy to figure out…
  4. All else fails: call him! His phone number is on the contact page.
  5. Good luck and keep us posted!

Meanwhile, the 2021 Canadian Grand Prix is scheduled for the weekend 11-13 June provisionally, with fans who bought tickets for the 2020 race having the options for a refund or carry-over last year’s ticket for this year’s race should it happen, and if fans are allowed to attend.