Roberts: Things are beginning to change at the Williams factory

Williams managing director Simon Roberts has revealed that the team is conducting “a lot of investment” under new owners Dorilton Capital.

The US-based Canadian private investment firm bought the historic team back in August, with the Williams family exiting the sport entirely after the Italian Grand Prix.

In the immediate term, the fortunes of the Grove team did not improve, but Roberts said that the necessary measures are now being put in place to ensure that things are in a “good condition going into 2021 and 2022”.

“They own nine other companies – this is their 10th acquisition – and all their other acquisitions, going back over the past nine or 10 years, have been long-term projects,” Roberts told GP Racing. “We’re slightly different, because we’re a sports team, so it’s new to them. Their philosophy is to let the local management team run the business, and they’re there to support, to fill the gaps if we have any.

“Since they joined us, they’ve been on site a few times and been to a couple of races now. Things are really beginning to change back in the factory. We’re doing quite a lot of investment, putting right things that needed to be done, investing in a few new things, and just making sure that everything’s in good condition for going into 2021 and 2022.

While Claire and Frank Williams are no longer involved with the team, Roberts said that Dorilton is aware of the family values embedded within the organisation.

“They’re super easy to deal with, obviously highly intelligent and great people, and they love what we do – they want to drive team performance, and also to keep the values and feel of the team,” he added. “So it’s still very family orientated, very diverse, which is important to them as well.

“We don’t want to lose any of that, what Claire and Frank built over many years, but on the other hand it’s a time of change, we really need to move on, and they’re really helping us do that.”