Six amazing facts about Formula 1

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport to watch, especially if you are a car enthusiast. Besides being fun, this is also a fantastic betting option that will become even more popular in the future. 

Before you start looking for an online bookie that will allow you to place F1 bets, we’d like to share a few impressive facts about this sport. Those of you into Formula 1 will probably know some of the things we’ll point out, but we’ve still decided to include them. 

  • Almost every car can accelerate to 100 MPH and then go back to zero in less than 4 seconds

Everyone knows that F1 cars are fast, but how fast are they really? Well, it turns out that each vehicle can reach the speed of 100 MPH and then hit back to zero in just 4 seconds. This is impressive, even compared to some of the fastest road cars in the world.

Due to the insane speeds, F1 is challenging to predict, which is why, according to Silentbet, bettors need to be careful. Fortunately, some betting operators have exclusive Formula 1 bonuses, some of which might minimize your risk.

  • The cars are expensive

Generally speaking, cars are expensive, especially if they are fast. However, when you compare the price of modern-day hypercars to an F1 car, you can see a pretty significant difference. On average, an F1 car costs around $7,000,000, which doesn’t even include some of its components.

This price changes over the years because there are new rules that companies have to comply with.

  • Drivers can lose a lot of weight

Perhaps one of the most exciting facts about F1 is that the drivers can lose up to 4 KG per race. This might seem really strange, but the temperature inside the cockpit is really high. Consequently, drivers are continually sweating, which results in weight loss.

  • The temperature of the brake discs can reach up to 1000 degrees centigrade

If you are into cars, you know that you can basically choose from two different types of breaks – steel or ceramic. The second option is way more expensive, but it tends to break faster and works well under high temperatures.

Since the Formula 1 cars accelerate and break all the time, their brake discs can reach up to 1000 degrees centigrade, which is as hot as lava. Needless to say, these cars use special brakes that cost thousands of dollars.

  • The steering wheel has more than 20 buttons

If you look at an F1 steering wheel, you will probably get confused because it has more than 20 different bonuses. All of them play an essential role in the race, which means that the drivers have to use them all the time.

  • Mechanics can change the tiers of an F1 car in around 3 seconds

This has to be one of the most impressive things about F1, at least for most fans. Typically, an F1 crew needs just three seconds to change the tires of the car. Every second is vital in a race, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that people have learned to do this as fast as possible.