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2020 Top F1 Drivers as Chosen by Drivers

The 2020 F1 season was challenging. Due to the pandemic, races were re-scheduled, some drivers had to get subbed, new records were set, and unexpected winners were announced.

The emergence of new names made Formula One all the more intriguing, more so, for the Betway88 punters. Despite the lows occasioned by Covid-19, there were standout performers worth mentioning.

Lewis Hamilton

Most people will not be surprised that he occupies the number one spot. Even though he had to miss the first Grand Prix of his career after contracting Covid-19, he had an excellent season. People will always argue on who should be considered F1’s G.O.A.T, but one cannot dispel statistics that reveal Hamilton is the greatest after beating Michael Schumacher’s record of most titles won.

Apart from the Grand Prix and championships, he is the rightful holder of records such as career points, points finishes, podium finishes, and pole positions. In 2020, he has come out strongly to condemn issues surrounding racism and diversity, making it one of the most noteworthy years in his entire career.

Max Verstappen

He has finished on the podium on 11 occasions in 12 races, winning twice, being runners-up for six times, and has been third for a couple of times, making him the best after Hamilton. Before the season-ending Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, the young Dutchman could not match the Mercedes speed over one lap during qualifications.

On the other hand, he was the only driver to come close to beating the Mercedes, and there is a probability next year the case will be the same as a result of relative steadiness in the regulations. Follow and bet on racing and other sporting events with Betway88.

Sergio Perez

The season was great for Perez because, in 2021, he has secured a drive with Red Bull. Perez was earlier on ditched by Racing Points for Sebastian Vettel to aid usher in its new era at Aston Martin from next year. The decision appears to be a colossal mistake comparing the form of both drivers in 2020.

He contracted Covid-19 and had to sit out of the British and Grand Prix 70th anniversary at Silverstone, but generally, he was outstanding. In all the races that he participated, he scored points apart from two races which his car experienced some faults.

Daniel Ricciardo

In 2021, he decided to sign for McLaren, a decision some suggest he never took time to think out. Renault was bitter about his decision to part ways, which is understandable since the company believed he was not patient with their project.

Nevertheless, he deserves to be credited since he left the company on good terms after earning himself points in 14 Grand Prix – not forgetting the last 11 Grand Prix in a row. Over the next couple of years, he will reveal to the world if he made the right decision to switch from Renault to McLaren.

Among the other drivers to be featured on the list were Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, and Pierre Gasly. There is lots of work needed to get done by drivers to compete with the top drivers, and next season is expected to be challenging since everyone wants a slot at the top. Remember, 2021 has more action lined up, and Betway88 will be presenting new markets throughout the season.