Aston Martin: New year, new me

Aston Martin Formula 1 have unveiled their new identity, with a team press release setting out the team’s goals for the new year.

In a post on their rebranded Twitter account, Aston Martin showed off their new colours for the first time in an official capacity, with the caption new year, new me.

Here is what owner Lawrence Stroll and team principal Otmar Szafnauer had to say.

“Formula 1 is an extremely powerful platform that will play a key role in Aston Martin’s strategy and the company’s evolutionary path,” Stroll said. “It is a truly global sport with a huge audience that we believe can help further shine the brand and further increase its desirability around the world.

“This is a brand that has already had tremendous success in top-tier international motorsports like the 24 Hours of Le Mans – and now we have the opportunity to write a new page in the history books.

“It is an extremely exciting prospect for anyone who is a lover of the Aston Martin brand, for fans of Formula 1 and the sport itself.”

“We have had almost a year to prepare and reach this moment and we can’t wait to see the reaction when we finally unveil our new identity as Aston Martin Formula 1 Team,” Szafnauer added. “Representing such an iconic brand is a huge privilege for every member of the team.

“We have earned a well-deserved reputation for aiming beyond the horizon, so we are confident we can make the Aston Martin name proud right from the start.

“It’s the beginning of a new journey and I can feel an extra energy in the team, with the determination to push performance more than ever.

“Combined with some of the most creative minds in the industry, a true racer mentality and spirit of will that has served us so well over the years, we have every reason to be excited about the future.”

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