Christian Horner

Horner: Ferrari engine freeze support is positive for F1

Christian Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has welcomed the decision by Ferrari to lend its support to an engine development freeze, insisting the move is “positive news” not just for his team, but for all of Formula 1.

Previously opposed to Red Bull’s push for a stop to power unit development from 2022 onwards, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto indicated his team had reversed their decision on Friday.

“I think that’s positive news for Formula 1,” Horner told Sky Sports F1 of the move. “I think all the manufacturers, all the CEOs of the automotive industry, they all recognise the investment and cost of these engines.

“Particularly with the new technology coming for 2026, maybe 2025, it doesn’t make sense to keep investing hundreds of millions of dollars in these engines.”

Asked about Binotto’s desire for engine performance to be levelled between suppliers Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda, Horner concurred that it was important that a catch-up mechanism was put in-place to protect an outfit that fell behind.

“There’s got to be some kind of mechanism that if somebody has undershot, either over the winter or once during the season, have the ability to correct that,” he said.

“Otherwise you’re locking in a disadvantage. But from a cost point of view, from our point of view, it’s a very positive thing.”

Additionally, Horner said he couldn’t see why Renault wouldn’t follow Ferrari in dropping their opposition.

“One would have thought that for Renault it would have been completely logical as well,” he suggested.

“Let’s see. It’s encouraging to hear that Ferrari are backing that position.”