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Hamilton: Let’s just have fun and enjoy it

It’s always fascinating viewing, Lewis Hamilton winding the pitch-black Mercedes up to full tilt as he claimed pole position for a 98th time when he blitzed to top spot on the grid for during qualifying the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Unaffected by his incredible performance and achievement a fortnight ago. the seven-times Formula 1 World Champion still has the momentum and had the business done with his first Q1 flyer, for good measure he then hammered it home with a triple-purple sector lap which sealed the deal.

Valtteri Bottas was next best, 0.389s off his teammate.

Speaking afterwards in the BIC parc ferme, Lewis said of his afternoon, “To be out here, in Bahrain, and be able to put a lap like that together – I came today and said ‘let’s just have fun and enjoy it.’ That’s the most important thing and with the pressure off, it’s a bit of a release to drive like I did.

“I’m on the ragged edge and it’s all about trying to find that perfect balance – you want your cake and eat it. I thought the lap started really well. I can talk you through a lap but there’s always just a little bit here and there. Otherwise, it was a clean lap. I was happy with it.”

Times have changed for Lewis who, a couple years ago. might’ve jetted to LA or New York after sealing his seventh title. And rightfully so. However, lockdown and restrictions have changed how the sport’s biggest star lives and, indeed, celebrate the incessant success he enjoys.

He continued”I didn’t really celebrate too much [his seventh title win]. I was training and trying to make sure I was ready for this and keeping my mind and eye on the ball.

“This is a continuation of what we can do as a team. I just continue to be amazed by my guys and work so hard, weekend in, weekend out. I know they are away from their families for three weeks and no matter what the season throws at us, it’s always a tough year. I really appreciate them.”

With pole position 98 ticked off, Lewis will now look to make 95 victories in the top flight on race day.