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Monaco Grand Prix: F1’s crown jewel did not happen in 2020

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most distinguished racing events in the world. It takes place every year during the last week of May, the only exception being 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1929 was the first year we saw the Monaco Grand Prix, and ever since then, it has been one of the most exciting events for fans.

It has accumulated many honorary designations over the years. Annually around 20 racers can qualify for this competition; the most successful racer was AyrtonSenna. It is a daunting race for even the most experienced F1 drivers.

As Nelson Piquet once said, “imagine driving a bicycle around your living room.”

The racetrack stretches from Monte Carlo to La Condamine, consisting of 78 laps with each lap being 3.34 km long. The total distance amounts to approximately 260 km. The smallest of errors can cause one to lose their chance at victory.

Millions, ranging from the most avid enthusiasts to the casual fans, watch the Monaco Grand Prix. The upcoming Monaco Grand Prix is projected to occur between 20th May and 23rd May 2021. The prices can range from $100 to over $1000.

Those under a budget can buy a ticket under $250 with a grandstand seat on Thursday. For VIP packages, it can cost from $2000-$5000. It is streamed in hundreds of countries; some channels that broadcast the Monaco Grand Prix are Sky Sports, Sports F1, and Main Event.

It is a major event for all sports channels and often lives- streams can be found on YouTube and many other streaming websites.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important events for any racing fan; millions tune in to watch their favourite racers attempt to complete arguably one of the most dangerous paths. It is well worth the risk as the real money prize for first place is approximately $200-million.

As the Grand Prix brings many tourists to the area, casinos experience a surge in business. Monaco’s flagship casino has stated that around 5% of its annual income comes from the Grand Prix due to tourists’ arrival.

Every year the Monaco Grand Prix occurs, and on race day, a crowd of around 100 00 enters the country. The population of Monaco itself is only around 30,000.

Thus, this sudden influx of tourists bodes well for casinos. Many of these tourists who come to watch the race often visit casinos during the night, which results in more revenue for casinos. Often, casinos are at maximum capacity because of tourists.

Every year more and more tourists come to watch the Monaco Grand Prix; thus, casinos see an overall increase in revenue throughout the years.

The staff has to work tiring shifts due to the public’s demands; there is no doubt that the week surrounding the Grand Prix is the busiest week of the year. The Grand Prix helps all types of businesses near the country, especially the casino business.