Andy Murray: Of course Hamilton deserves a knighthood

Lewis Hamilton

Tennis player Sir Andy Murray has joined the calls for Lewis Hamilton to be given a knighthood, with the two-time Wimbledon champ saying he “definitely deserves” the accolade.

Now level with Michael Schumacher on a Formula 1-record seven driver’s championship titles, much has been made recently of Hamilton’s candidacy in the upcoming Queen’s New Year Honours.

For his part, Murray, who along with Mohamed Farah, Alastair Cook and Bradley Wiggins is one of the few British sportsmen to receive the honour while still actively competing, has come out in support of Hamilton as well.

“I’m not necessarily all for sportspeople being given knighthoods for what we do,” Murray started in an interview with Good Morning Britain. “But in terms of what he has achieved as an athlete, of course he deserves it.

“As a sportsperson, he’s one of the most successful sportspeople in the history of the country. He’s an amazing driver.

“He supports some great causes as well away from the racing track, so yes I would say he definitely deserves it in terms of his success.”

Per reports, Hamilton is indeed set to be knighted in the new year, becoming the fourth F1 driver to receive the honour after Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, as well as the first figure in motor sport since Patrick Head in 2015.