Hamilton: Never give up, keep fighting and let’s keep rising

Lewis Hamilton drove arguably his greatest race to win the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix and with it equal Michael Schumacher’s record seven Formula 1 World Championship titles.

A hectic and unpredictable race was on the cards, from day one in Istanbul Lewis was moaning about the track and did the fewest laps possible ahead of qualifying as the once bullet-proof Mercedes W11 proving to be a reluctant ice-skater and not a very good swimmer.

But on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, conditions super-tricky, Lewis shone brightly as he weaved his way to the finish line, winning a race he had no place winning. The magnitude of his achievement, and the manner in which it was done, namely lapping his teammate Valtteri Bottas, on his way to victory.

A Masterclass it was, followed by words that should make all F1 fans to have such a Champion representing our sport.

This is what he wrote on social media shortly after claiming his 94th win, and an epic one at that!

“Leading up to today and even after I crossed the line, I’ve been gathering my thoughts about what’s most important to me. This year has been so unpredictable.

“With the pandemic and obviously the season being pushed back by several months, I had the most downtime I’ve ever had in my life. It gave me the chance to really think about my ultimate purpose.

“Seven World Championships means the world to me, I can’t even describe how much, but there’s still another race we’ve yet to win.

“This year I’ve been driven not just by my desire to win on the track, but by a desire to help push our sport, and our world to become more diverse and inclusive.

“I promise you I am not going to stop fighting for change. We have a long way to go but I will continue to push for equality within our sport, and within the greater world we live in.

“Equaling Michael Schumacher’s record puts a spotlight on me that I know won’t be here forever. So, while you’re here, paying attention, I want to ask everyone to do their part in helping to create a more equal world. Let’s be more accepting and kinder to each other.

“Let’s make it so that opportunity is not something that is dependent on background or skin colour.

“Nothing is impossible. A driving force for me this year has been to set an example for the next generation, to never give up on your dreams. I was told by many that my dream was impossible, yet here I am. I want you to know that you can do it too.

“Never give up, keep fighting, and let’s keep rising to the occasion.”

Bravo Lewis! Formula 1’s worthy champion.