Stroll: It hasn’t been fun, I am not going to lie

Inadvertently suggesting he might be prone to the occasional fib, Lance Stroll lamented his current form when speaking to media ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix media that “it hasn’t been fun, I am not going to lie.”

The Racing Point driver has been in woeful form since his return from a very brief spell of COVID-19. Since then the Canadian has been in the wars with rivals slamming him on more than one occasion, while his on-track form has plummeted to an all-time low.

He acknowledged during his media session n Istanbul, “It’s been frustrating at times. This sport is a rollercoaster. I’ve had some highs at the beginning of the season, up until Monza really it’s been a great season for me but unfortunately, now I’ve gone through a rough patch. There’s nothing I can do about it.

“In hindsight, there are definitely some things I believe I could have done differently, there have been some mistakes I’ve made in some of the races which cost me some points but then there’s been some unfortunate circumstances like in Mugello, like Russia then of course missing the race in Nurburgring was far from ideal.”

A podium at Monza, in September,  has been the highlight of his season thus far but he has not scored since then. On 57 points, he trails teammate Sergio Perez (who has had one less race due to COVID-19) by 25 points.

Nevertheless, the 22-year-old is fired up for the weekend in Turkey, “That’s in the past now, there’s nothing that I can do about it. Instead of dwelling on it, I am looking forward to the next four races.

“I know we have a strong package and there’s plenty of opportunity in the next four races to come back strong and my sights are set on this weekend as it stands and of course the remainder of the season.”

The Pinks are in the heart of a brutally close midfield pack, less than a tenth often the difference between top ten or not.

Lance continued, “I think in general, as a team, we always look at how we can walk away from Sunday afternoon with the most amount of points. We set up the car in order to give us the best opportunity on Saturday to go into the race and score as many points as we can on Sunday.

“This year, there are definitely some things that we’ve learnt over the last few events that we could have done differently in terms of setup going forward. At the end of the day, our goal as a team is to score as many points as we can on Sunday afternoons so we will be keeping that mentality for the rest of the year.

“It’s a very tight grid – the midfield is very tight, very fine margins. Maximising our car performance on Saturday is extremely important to put us in a good position for Sunday.

“So for sure that’s going to be a focus point as well but ultimately a good race car is the most important as the points are on Sunday,” concluded Lance.