Formula One Betting Guide: Creating a Perfect F1 Betting Strategy

If you are a Formula One fan, you probably already know that betting on this prestigious international single-seater auto race is exciting and can also be lucrative.

However, wagering on Formula 1, even though similar to betting on any other sports betting market, is quite unique.

So, those of you who are new to all of it will have a chance to learn all about it here. Wagerers who want to improve their F1 betting skills can find some of the greatest F1 wagering tips below. Are you ready for your Formula One betting strategy guide?

Never bet on a single driver in a race

Most newbies who wish to wager on F1 have the completely wrong idea – that they should pick one name and bet on it. Sure, betting on the winner of the race or the winner of the season championship sounds great, but it is also pretty risky.

If you were to ask an experienced Formula One gambler who they were betting they will most probably give you at least a couple of names.

The F1 individual payout odds are generous and the wagerers will still have a chance to win big even if they bet on multiple contestants. In other words, when in doubt, feel free to wager on more than one driver, no matter if you opted for futures or live bet. Check here to find a legal online F1 betting site, check the odds, choose your favourites, and use the bet that allows selecting individual drivers. In case only one of the drivers wins, you will still make a profit.

Never rely on qualifications completely

If a certain car performed flawlessly in qualifying that doesn’t mean that it will be the same on the race day. The racing conditions can change significantly, and if you are relying on that you might be wrong. regardless of the car’s performance and its aerodynamics, there are conditions that can never be predicted such as the weather conditions – temperature, humidity, precipitation, fog, and more.

These weather conditions can have a great effect on a car’s performance. When betting on Formula 1 driver make sure to think outside the box. You shouldn’t rely too much on the qualifying favourites. Sometimes the fastest qualifier can end up with a terrible result in the final race.

Track & Driver Analysis

Knowing what driver to opt for in a particular race depends a lot on the racing history of that driver. In other words, if you are planning to place a serious wager on an F1 driver, you need to analyze his history and what type of circuits are suitable for the driver. There are many talented drivers that are a part of this racing organization.

However, not all of them have equal skills for driving at tracks with a bunch of hairpin turns, straightaways, or even under specific weather conditions. In order to design a perfect Formula One betting strategy, you will need to understand the history of a particular driver.

Once you get a clue of how well they performed on a specific type of road, you can start thinking about your predictions. You can start by analyzing races from the past couple of years.

Driver’s Teammate

Even if Formula 1 racing is individual sports, there is a bit of team spirit in it. Basically, each driver driving a race is in a team with another driver. The teamwork is reflected in drafting, sharing information about the track, and other kinds of assistance.

When betting on F1 is concerned, teammates might not be that important but they sure are not something that should be overlooked.

If you are close on a bet and you are insecure about the next move in this strategy, this could be used. The stronger the teammate the bigger the winning chances will be. A driver with a strong teammate will always have a potential advantage over a driver with poor assistance.

Finishing up

Analyzing all the information you have got is the best way to form a great Formula 1 betting strategy. Just like with any other sports betting market, the Formula 1 market is fairly unpredictable – and anything can happen.

You just make sure not to make all the common rookie mistakes and take into consideration all of the tips provided in this text. Leave the rest to fate.