Carlos Sainz, Jnr and Sr

Sainz Senior: Ferrari is a team capable of recovering fast

Carlos Sainz, Jnr and Sr

Carlos Sainz Senior says he has no concerns about the flagging fortunes of Ferrari, as his son’s future team are capable of righting the ship in short order.

Signing for 2021 with the Scuderia prior to the start of the 2020 season, Sainz junior was seemingly joining a team that would put him in championship contention.

Instead, Ferrari have endured their worst season in decades, and currently sit sixth in the constructor’s championship on 103 points, 31 behind the Spaniard’s current team McLaren.

Nevertheless, Sainz Sr. – a two-time WRC and four-time Dakar champion – maintains his son is not having second thoughts.

“Carlos is fully confident that if there is a team capable of recovering in a short time, it is Ferrari,” he said at a PR event in Madrid. “He has no doubts.”

“When the most historic or special team in Formula 1 such as Ferrari knocks on the door and asks if you want to compete, I think the answer is very simple.”

At the same time, Sainz Sr. concedes junior’s current commitment to McLaren means he has no inside information as of yet.

“You read in the press that they are making a new engine, that they are evolving in a good way, but little else.

“I have not heard Carlos has privileged information, which I understand and respect both for him and for Ferrari.”