Driver61: Why F1 Suspension Doesn’t Use Springs!

[Editor’s Note: I discovered Scott Mansell’s YouTube channel Driver 61 where the veteran of almost three decades in motorsport provides training videos and services.

He is also a keen sim racer, but among his sim racing video jewels of information he also has a huge amount of content regarding real-life motorsport, and much of what he talks about has crossover between virtual and reality.

His videos on F1 are highly informative, for non-technical guys such as I, he articulates the tech aspects of F1 in a fascinating manner, which adds to the further understanding of our sport.

This is the first video of his we are featuring but be braced for more as the ability to use his videos on here will add value for our readers.

In the intro to this video, Scott wrote: “My Dad runs a race team and prepares F1 cars for private clients. Today we got the amazing opportunity to see a 2000 Benetton up close, as well as have the amazing engineering explained by Big Kev!

“We show the secrets behind how the F1 suspension is so light, how the gearbox is used to mount the suspension and why the exhausts are so curly!