Steiner: Maybe we could combine testing and races

Guenther Steiner

Haas boss Guenther Steiner suggests Formula 1 should consider more two-day races, in turn giving the sport more options to experiment with its calendar and format.

After an informal running of a two-day event this season at the rain-affected Eifel Grand Prix, F1 is set to officially trial the format at the upcoming Emilia-Romagna GP at Imola, with Steiner revealing he enjoyed it enough the first time to want to see more race weekends like it.

“It’s more like the old days of racing – you have to be a lot quicker in thinking what to do and making bolder decisions, hoping you don’t get them wrong,” he explained. “You don’t have that much time to look at data, you need to go a little bit by the seat of your pants.

Additionally, Steiner suggests more two-day race weekends would allow the sport to expand its calendar, or trial other ways to get fans involved on Thursdays and Fridays.

“In my own opinion, a two-day event works well. It allows us to get more races in, which in turn means more fans around the world could get the chance to see us.

“The cons, which I don’t know if they’re cons – that’s for Formula 1 to look into it, its for the promoters, as a Friday gives more possibilities to get fans in. Financially it’s a good day for them.

“Maybe some events we go to we could put on a Thursday and Friday test – we can make something out like we do with pre-season testing and the broadcasting of that.

“These are just ideas, I don’t know if they make sense but maybe we should look into that.”