Green: Ferrari quali vs race pace is very strange

Ferrari vs Racing Point

Racing Point’s technical director Andrew Green says he finds it “very strange” that Ferrari’s performance in races is so much worse than it is on Saturdays this season.

Able to qualify in the top five with Charles Leclerc at two of the past three races, the Scuderia’s car has shown some decent pace on low fuel loads that it has been unable to replicate on Sundays with a full tank of gas.

In contrast, Racing Point has been consistently better on Sundays than it is on Saturdays, with Green suggesting his team was missing something Ferrari had figured out.

“There is definitely something to look at in the way that other teams seem to be able to find pace in qualifying on a Saturday afternoon that we don’t seem to have,” he told Motorsport Week.

“A good example of that is Ferrari. I don’t know where they get their pace from on a Saturday afternoon. But come Sunday, they’re a good half a second behind us, which is very strange.

“It’s something that we definitely are looking at and I think it’s true. It’s always going to be a lot closer on a Saturday afternoon anyway, just because of the way things are. But we do seem to move forward on a Sunday afternoon.”

Complicating matters is that any setup changes can affect the balance Racing Point has found working with the Pirelli tyres, although Green acknowledges his team can’t stand still either.

“It’s just the way you’re using the tyres. I think that’s where we focus on, that we’re getting the best out of our tyres on Sunday afternoon and not abusing one end of the car or the other just to get a good balance for a Saturday afternoon.

“If that balance isn’t right there on a Saturday afternoon, we won’t go chasing it at the expense of ruining our Sunday afternoon.

“I’m sure other teams to do the same, but there seems to be a bit more than that. We’re missing something else on a Sunday afternoon, which is something we’ll have a look at.”