Inside Line: We are duty bound to support RaceFans

It came to my attention today that RaceFans posted a call for subscribers to help them through the 2021 Formula 1 season, needing at least 3000 people to pay 12 quid for whatever privileges go with the subscription.

The post popped up on their site and I did not hesitate to find out was happening with our colleagues, read this para: “This is why we are asking our readers to sign up as RaceFans Supporters and pay £12 per year/£1 per month (or the same in your local currency) to help us continue to bring you original, independent motorsport news, features and analysis.”


Immediately I subscribed, not caring what comes in the 12-bucks goodie bag. I did it because RaceFans needs to be supported by true Formula 1 fans. They are a cornerstone, perhaps even foundation, of a free F1 press in the age of Motorsport Network domination.

How can the company peddling its photographic services (they own most of the photo agencies) to teams for no small fee, at the same time also write the truth with integrity about said team when times are bad?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

I digress, this is not about them but rather against them; we need to ensure the survival of niche websites such as RaceFans (and ours for that matter) who stand for independence and unfiltered news of the sport that both Keith Collantine and Dieter Rencken clearly love as we do.

Dieter is not afraid to tread where few do. His questions in the press conferences pull no punches and, although many times longer than the answer, they are pertinent and an essential read if you can understand half the stuff.

In other words, you learn when you read their content. It’s educational. Our content, hopefully, entertains. So if you want to really want to be on top of F1 news, go to RaceFans for the serious stuff and come to us for the good stuff. It’s an essential combo.

In closing, RaceFans needs to survive and thrive, Dieter needs to be at the races, for they are among the few pipelines to unfiltered paddock reality, without the candy-coated dissemination of controlled ‘news’ by teams, drivers and the stakeholders within the sport.

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you will be doing the right thing for free press, motorsport, Formula 1 and RaceFans; brothers in arms as custodians of the truth in the sport at the highest level.

It is the best 12 bucks I will spend all year, I hope many follow suit. RaceFans deserve it.