Some Markets to Capitalise on in Formula One Live Betting

In-play sports betting is growing in popularity by the day, and Formula One is among the selections that offer it. What is in-play betting, you ask?

Alternatively called live betting, it is a form of online sports gambling where punters wager during an event. In the case of Formula 1, it means that you bet as a race is on-going. As a fan of the sport and a punter, you get the best of both worlds. For punters who are looking to get into Formula One live betting, knowing a few fundamentals like the type of markets available helps.

The Appeal of Live Bets

What is it about in-play gambling that continues to pique the interest of bettors? The biggest sell is that the odds adjust as a race continues. Although not always, you can find favourable odds that boost your potential wins significantly. Punters have the flexibility of adjusting their bets during an event. For example, if in the middle of a race, you think that Nico Rosberg is looking better than the multiple-winner Hamilton, who you had bet on originally, then you can alter your wager.
Online bookmakers provide statistics that punters can use when betting live. Depending on the type of data that a site includes with live bets, you can make more informed decisions before placing your wager. A few articles by John Kettle from shed more light on live sports betting.

Formula 1 Live Markets

In-play betting is still not as popular as pre-race betting. For that reason, market coverage is not very extensive. Nevertheless, punters can expect a good selection of live bets that they can leverage for attractive opportunities. Note that the sportsbook where you choose to gamble on Formula One dictates the specific betting options. Some of the live bets include;

Race Winner

Just like in pre-race betting, you can put money on who takes the race through live bets. Sportbooks will usually have varying odds for the different types of wagers. The biggest difference is that with a live bet, a punter can gauge the performance of a racer during the competition and structure the wager accordingly. On some sites, this bet can also be the ‘Grand Prix Winner’ where you decide which driver will win a particular Grand Prix. Because punters can change their wagers, as the lead shifts, the live odds do as well. Note that odds get shorter for the lead driver as the race progresses.

Leader After X Laps

Although this bet is not common, you can find it at top online bookmakers. It lets you pick the driver who will be leading the race after a certain number of laps. For instance, you can bet that Max Verstappen will lead after 5 laps. The unique element of this bet is that it shifts. After completing the fifth lap, the bet might change to ‘leader after 15 (or more) laps.’

Podium Finish

In this bet, a bettor is wagering on a driver to land on the podium, and that means finishing in the top three. The wager is also called a Top 3. It is not that much different from the race winner except that it increases your chances and that makes it safer than picking an outright winner. However, the odds decrease. Some bookmakers have live bets for the top 6.

Fastest Lap

This bet is simple and fairly common. In it, you wager on the racer who you predict to clock the fastest lap. It’s one of the best wagers to make in-play because you can evaluate the performance of a driver during the race. Some bookmakers provide the option to bet on the time. A site can let you pick lap times from available options. Another alternative is to bet over/under on pre-selected lap times.

For the best-informed live bets, comprehend what influences different odds. For example, the Monaco track is considered tricky to overtake. Therefore, when betting on race winner or leader at x laps, this information comes in handy. Aspects like the weather, type of car and driver experience matter as well.

Online bookies with Formula One live betting might be increasing by the day, but the sport still has some catching up to do. Hence, putters don’t have a lot of alternatives when betting live. Still, you can enjoy some interesting gambling opportunities if you select the right sportsbook.