Giovinazzi: I’m happy with what I did so far

While three very talented Ferrari Academy Drivers circle his cockpit, Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi is content with what he has achieved suggesting that he is doing enough to warrant retaining his seat with the Swiss-based team but knows not what his future holds beyond 2020.

In the wake of finishing 11th, beating veteran teammate Kimi Raikkonen in the process, in an interview with the official F1 website, Antonio was asked to sum up his season thus far and for news regarding 2021.

He replied, “I’m happy with what I did so far. Still, no news from my side just need to keep pushing hard and see what happens.

“There is still half a season, still another eight races, so we need to see but of course I’m trying to do my best and see what will happen,” explained Antonio.

The “news” of course is whether he has a seat in F1 next year or not. Ferrari have confirmed tests for three of their FDA drivers shining in Formula 2 at the moment, namely Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Schwartzman. All three are 21-year-old.

Tellingly, 26-year-old Antonio will be giving up his seat next Friday when Schumacher junior is on duty for the team in FP1 during the Eifel Grand Prix weekend at Nurburgring.

Speculation is that Ferrari are seeking two seats for next year, they have one with Alfa Romeo, which they have gifted to their Italian hopeful and another at Haas who are open to the concept as it would slash a chunk off of their PU budget.

While F1 has always existed in a bubble, more so in these COVID-19 days than ever before, Antonio may want to step out of his (safely of course) and take a look at his career in F1 thus far and ask serious questions of himself about his future.

Whether he and his minders want to believe it or not, the Italian has the remaining seven races to save his career in the top flight.

And he will have to be something stellar, such as trounce Kimi consistently in qualy and race for the remainder of the season, deliver memorable races… and make less of those costly (often silly) mistakes that do him no favours.

While he was happy with 11th in Sochi last Sunday, what did it really do for his shares? Very little from outside his bubble.

Yet, Antonio saw the positives from the Russian Grand Prix, “I was happy with the pace of the car. Still, I think if we want to fight with AlphaTauri it’s still not as good as I want, but I think we closed the gap a lot and now we just have to work in this way.”

Whether the likeable and articulate driver will be around in F1 next year has not been confirmed, but if Kimi decides he wants to prolong his eternal career – and Ferrari promote even one of their young guns – it might be that Antonio will be left standing in F1’s cruel game of Silly Season musical chairs.