Horner: I wonder what Eddie has been drinking

Almost forgotten, ex-Jordan F1 team boss turned maverick bon vivant Eddie Jordan popped up again on the Formula 1 radar suggesting earlier this week that Lewis Hamilton should join Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

Jordan told Ziggo Sport earlier this week, “I personally believe that Lewis should go to Red Bull and not to Ferrari. I’ll tell you that is perfect,

“Because… the best young driver of all of Formula 1 at the moment is Max Verstappen. There is no question about it,” declared the 72-year-old Irishman.

Ahead of this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, reporters proposed Eddie’s concept to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, who retorted, “I wonder what Eddie has been drinking.”

But then conceded, “From a fan’s perspective he’s absolutely right but I’ve not heard from Lewis recently. I can only imagine he will stay where he is.

“I think everyone wants to see Verstappen and Hamilton go head-to-head and hopefully we can give Max the tools to do that, certainly in the remaining races of this year but very much so next year and the year after.”

Meanwhile, there is no reason for Hamilton to depart the team that has been part of his extraordinary championship run and enabled his remarkable winning record, while Red Bull are adamant that in Alex Albon they have the right driver to partner Max despite the gulf between the two at this stage of their respective careers.

Nevertheless, Horner reiterated the team’s faith in their Thai driver, “He only feels vulnerable because you guys keep telling him every week that we should put someone else in the car.

“I think it was really good for him to get that result. He came close in Brazil last year, he could have won the opening race in Austria and obviously got turned out of that race. So to get that first podium, and he had to do it the hard way.”

Clearly, team consultant Helmut Marko and, of course, Horner see potential in 24-year-old Alex, especially after his first podium Mugello last time out, “Daniel is one of the hardest racers on track and to pass him around the outside of Turn 1 as he did, it was a great performance.”

The result, which has been long overdue, has clearly motivated Alex for the Sochi weekend, “You can already see him walking a little bit taller. That confidence that it will give him, hopefully, he’ll build on that.

“He has got the full support of all the team. I think the team is doing a good job with him. His race engineer is extracting more from him and that confidence is growing,” explained the Red Bull team boss.

In closing, Hamilton-Verstappen in the same team would be explosive no doubt, but as the paddock chessboard now stands it is highly unlikely this convergence will ever happen. But it would be fair to say that two into one won’t go in this instance.

Thankfully, Jordan’s ludicrous soundbites are less frequent these days but, the man once famously called “the Village Idiot” by McLaren boss Ron Dennis, again did not disappoint with his latest click-bait offering.

Although his time in F1 is long past, it should be remembered that it is his team that today is Racing Point and next year will morph into Aston Martin.