Jordan: Toto should get the hell out of there

Toto Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff should not renew his contract with the team as its fortunes will never again be as good as they are right now, says Eddie Jordan.

Out of contract with the reigning Formula 1 champions at the end of the season, Wolff’s future with the team has been a constant source of speculation in 2020.

Now Jordan, owner of the eponymous Formula 1 team from 1991-2005 has chimed in, suggesting the reported interest in an ownership stake from sponsors INEOS and the timing with Mercedes soon to wrap up its seventh consecutive constructor’s title are an opportunity for Wolff to leave while still on top.

“The only thing that I was really sure about is that Ineos will buy the team and for sure in that package, with the people of Mercedes and particularly the new Chief Executive, it’s a well known fact that Ola [Kallenius], who is the new CEO and the chairman of the group, he’s had some issues with Toto in the past,” he told Ziggo Sport.

“And, you know, Toto, to be very honest, he is right up there with the likes of the Frank Williamses, the Ron Dennises and all of these guys, you know. He’s been sensational. So it’s time that he moved on himself.”

Reportedly Wolff and Kallenius have not seen eye-to-eye on several occasions, although both sides have moved to rubbish speculation of a rift.

Similarly, the INEOS rumour is one that has taken flight in recent weeks, with Wolff dismissing it last week.

In any case, Jordan maintains this would be the best time for Wolff to go.

“I’m sure he’s getting tired of the situation.

“He’s won all of these championships and he’s created a myth around Lewis Hamilton and indeed the team.

“In life, you’ve got to remember that there is a very good time to get out and there’s a very bad time to get out. And a very good time is now for Toto.

“If it was me, and I was his advisor, I would say: ‘Get the hell out of there. Please, Toto. Take the money off the table, it will never get as good as this in the future.'”

Should Wolff stay with Mercedes, it is expected he will do so in a more senior management role, with less day-to-day responsibility for the F1 team. However, he has also been linked to close friend Lawrence Stroll’s Aston Martin – a company in which he has made a personal investment, and has adopted a policy of high-profile hirings as of late.