Formula 1 Fantasy Team

Fantasy teams allow fans to register and start selecting their drivers and team for the season to earn points. This is a great way to stay informed and in touch with your favourite drivers performance.

Let’s review the steps and the guide of how to play the Formula 1 fantasy team.

After the registration and profile set up you can start with your team selection and remember the mega booster to get triple the score of your selected driver. You only have two chances to use it for the whole season. The boosters can multiply drivers score even if it is negative.

Players have an option to join or create their own league with friends and family to make it more fun using unique codes. Players just need to remember to choose their drivers and teams carefully and follow the fantasy league to ensure their not left behind.

Most league such as Formula 1 fantasy league has various prizes for winners and you can also have the bragging rights with friends. As the form of entertainment like in French casinos or online betting players can research the driver’s performances, statistics and odds to assist them with the selection.

The drivers pricing is now dynamic which makes it more important to research and constantly review your driver’s stats.

The players also receive two wild cards per season which you need to use it wisely which completely give you the power to restart your team and assembly a new one. The best advice will be to follow your guts and be careful whenever you changing your drivers to stay competitive with your peers.

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Join the fantasy team at Formula 1 fantasy and start playing with friends.