The GPBox: Racing is in their blood too!

We would like to welcome The GPBox to our partner network, purveyors of fine Formula 1 and motorsport memorabilia – many of the products unique – produced and supplied by a network of artists and crafts-people, as well as collectors.

In their own words: “The GPBox is a marketplace where motorsport fans and car enthusiasts can find unique gifts, merchandise, art, race-used parts, collectables and memorabilia in a one-stop-shop from sellers worldwide.”

Together we will be embarking on projects that will add value to our readers while exploring their vast network for features and interviews with people who clearly have racing in their blood.


Readers will notice GPBox banners on our site and suggest that when you in the market for a gift, for a motorsport enthusiast.

We sat down with Pol and Georgina for a chat about their project.

How and when did GPBox start?

Everything started leading to Christmas 2017 when Georgina really struggled to find a motorsport themed present for Pol. She would say that it is always hard to find presents for an F1 engineer and it would take her hours browsing through 1000’s of very scattered online shops. At the same time, she was finding amazing products out there but in sites that you wouldn’t put your credit card on!

We asked ourselves: Wouldn’t it be cool to have everything motorsport related in a single place? With modern technology, secure payment and a thrilling community of fans and sellers.

So we built a marketplace, connecting these two huge audiences and providing a one-stop-shop for everything car enthusiast related, GPBox was born.

How long have you been involved in motorsport as a fan and/or business?

All the GPBox team has been passionate about motorsport since our earlier memories, that is what unite us! We’ve been cheering for Michael in the Benetton era and grown seeing a Ferrari and McLaren dominance. Some of us have ended up working there directly and indirectly in the past!

What makes GPBox unique in the motorsport merchandise market?

We are the first true marketplace in the motorsport and car enthusiasts world. A place without any barriers to entry where anyone can start listing their items and where millions of fans can find everything imaginable.

With currently over 27.000 products and sellers from 15 different countries we can offer for the first time in history the widest collection of different products and categories never seen!

Our main objective is to help sellers create their stores and be seen and at the same time help the fans finding in a secure platform all they dreamed of!

Where is GPBox based?

GPBox was born and is based in Bicester, Oxfordshire the heart of the Motorsport Valley. 15 minute drive to Silverstone, just 5 minute walk to Bicester Heritage and an average of 25 minute drive of any F1 team (with the exception of Ferrari and Sauber of course!!)

Who does what at GPBox?

We are expanding our team very quickly as we grow and it is fantastic to work with people all united to make the motorsport fan and car enthusiasts community happier!

Why partner with GrandPrix247?

We are constantly looking to partner with like-minded business that their main objective is to provide value to the motorsport community. We love to develop partnerships based on mutual benefit and with people that we personally like to work and learn with! We believe in the GP247 vision of providing independent real time coverage of everything F1 and we see it as a very valuable source of information for the motorsport fan!