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Pirelli: It should be a one-stop race

While the only real way to fairly curtail the dominance of Mercedes into Formula 1 is to increase the variables, and in this era of bullet-proof reliability, the only real option is to add more pitstops.

But for Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix fans can expect a one-stop strategy to do the business, which sets the stage for a proper bore.

Add to that, all the drivers in the top 10 of the grid will start the race on the Red soft tyres. The fastest strategy for the 53-lap Italian Grand Prix is a one-stopper, starting on soft and going onto Yellow medium after 24 laps (or alternatively, vice versa).

The second-quickest way is still a one-stopper, but this time using soft for 22 laps and then White hard for 31 laps.

A two-stop strategy is definitely slower, but the best way to do it would be two 16-lap stints on the soft and a 21-lap run on the medium, possibly using the medium in the middle stint.

Pirelli motorsport boss Mario Isola predicts, “Tomorrow should be a one-stop race but there are different variations of one-stoppers that can be applied, opening several strategic possibilities.

“The top 10 will all start on the soft tyre tomorrow, levelling up the playing field, so it will be interesting to see how many drivers from P11 downwards decide to try something different by starting on the medium or hard in what are expected to be warm conditions.

“Mercedes was the only team to run the medium in qualifying, which otherwise featured the soft from start to finish, but the harder compounds are set to play an important role in the race.

Withe regards to Lewis Hamilton’s 94th pole which saw the track lap record broken, “Once more, we saw another track record comprehensively broken this weekend – but this one is particularly significant, as it’s on the fastest circuit of them all, and our home race.”