Russell: F@ck me boys what are we playing at?

Traffic played a telling role during qualifying for the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, some big names tripping up thus providing opportunities for the likes of Williams to capitalise on.

But when it came to crunch time the backmarker team did not seize the opportunities that the traffic presented, and actually claimed the scalp of Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, ainstead they messed up George Russell’s qualifying run when Q2 was his target.

During a frantic qualifying at Monza, George radioed his pitwall: “F@ck me boys what are we playing at? We need to be the ones capitalising on these f@ck-ups, not being the ones f@cking up.”

Later he explained in the TV pen, “We’re the slowest team and we need an extreme circumstance to get us through but this is ridiculous. It all starts when you are sent out from the pit lane. I’m not sure why everyone sends their cars out at the same time.

“Maybe we need to go out in constructors’ championship order. That’s how you’re sent out and leave a five-second gap. No one wants to lead and no wants to be behind the Williams! I’m sure it looked comical but it is frustrating.”

In the team qualy report, he recanted, “It was a frustrating session for all of us, especially in the moment. Looking back there wasn’t a huge amount more the team could have done, if they sent me a bit earlier or a bit later. We would still be in the same boat.

“It is just one of those Monza things, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we have our eyes focused on tomorrow,” George added.

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