Inside Line: Service Unavailable etc

Our regular readers and others would have noticed that we were offline for several hours today with the following messages no doubt scaring many of you away:

Cause: Overload on the site resources during a spike in traffic, even the backup extra memory could not cope so the things went down server-side and a rebuild of the database took longer than expected is the official line.

To cut a long story short, our Editor Ben Stevens (on compassionate leave)  tackled the problem and resolved it. Thank you!

But the crux is that as a busy news site, such downtime damages the ‘brand’ and is just not cool. We are now investigating solutions to ensure this happens less (hopefully ever again) and never for so long.

Meanwhile, I apologise for the inconvenience this causes but be sure that even if the above messages appear on your browser, between now and our then, know we have gone nowhere. We will be back up. Thank you.



PS: It was a slow F1 news day thankfully!