Webber: Turkey 2010 really infuriated my mother

Mark Webber recalls how being teammate to Sebastian Vettel at times infuriated his mother Diane, particularly during the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix as the Red Bull drivers battled for the lead.

The pair made contact and the rest is well-documented history. That coupled to the infamous Multi-21 incident are discussed by Mark during an F1 Unscripted podcast hosted by former teammate David Coulthard.

Webber recalled, “Just running down to this little hairpin down there and there’s the little whack to the right which surprised me when Seb wanted to come back so aggressively and we made contact.

“That there really infuriated my mother. My mum’s like: My God! He can’t do that to you! And there’s Christian, obviously absolutely livid. It was crazy scenes,” explained the Aussie.

Looking back on a career in F1 that spanned over a decade, with spells with Minardi, then Jaguar followed by Williams and finally Red Bull, where he became a race winner. Stats show that in 215 starts Mark won nine-time and celebrated on the podium on 42 occasions, however, a world title eluded him.

Webber reflected, “Naturally most people stop and there is something they would like to have had a little more, that’s in our instinct. Instinctively if I did this and if I did that…

“I look at, there’s probably two or three starts that probably cost me a world championship. You could say that Korea [crashed out early in the wet perhaps cost him the 2010 championship] did but there were two or three starts where I’m out of position… I had to fight back through in that particular year.

“I could be sitting here as a world champion, but I’m not because I didn’t finish that season with enough points. I did take it to the last race against Hamilton, against Alonso, against Vettel, and Sebastian only led the championship for one race that year, which was the last bloody race.

“You’ve got this contradiction of accepting and the clarity of yes it’s been an amazing journey and the people you’ve worked with and trophies and experiences, it’s unbelievable. What I have is special.

“Then you’re like just a bit more, just a little bit more. It’s natural. I’d like to be off nine wins, 10 wins; why didn’t I round it out to 10 wins?”

And of course, Multi-21 still aches the 43-year-old, “One of my biggest regrets, I should have turned my engine right back up.

“But instinctively, I’m like ‘well we should be just closing this race out; we’ve only got three or four or five laps to go and we’re fighting each other and using a lot of material and machinery’, because it was clear for that particular race that we should be shutting the grand prix down.

“I was leading, and actually to be completely frank, Seb was… sort of out of position, if you like, from the early calls in the race, and trying to clear Lewis [Hamilton] during the Grand Prix.

“Because it was clear for that particular race that we should be shutting the Grand Prix down. Deep down, who knows if Sebastian still to this day regrets that particular Grand Prix? Maybe he doesn’t, I’m not sure.

“But look, I wasn’t an angel at certain other events here and there,” he added.