Stroll: I’m loving it

Lance Stroll is loving the fact that he has a competitive car in this season’s Racing Point RP20, allowing him to mix it at the sharp end of proceedings after a couple of dismal seasons, performance-wise.

During an interview with the official F1 site, Stroll acknowledged, “I’m loving it. It’s a great season up to now. The car feels great and it’s a pleasure to drive.

“It’s great to be where we are, we have a very competitive package, we’ve scored some good points up to now, so a positive start to the season.

“We knew back in Barcelona at winter testing that we had a strong package, but it’s always relative to the others so you never really know until the first race. When we showed up to Austria we knew we had a strong package.”

That “package” has been the focus of a Renault protest which has grabbed headlines as the car has been dubbed Tracing Point and Pink Mercedes as it is an admitted and unashamed copy of last year’s title-winning Mercedes W10.

But that’s not raining on Lance’s parade, “At the track, I am here to do a job and I’m very driven to do that. When not at the track I generally try to disconnect and relax, forget about racing a little bit. It’s about compartmentalising that. At the end of the day, I am here because this is what I love to do.”

There is a school of thought that with the right equipment Stroll can do the business in F1, making a case for him being in the top flight irrespective of his father’s deep pockets, and has proven so on several occasions.

With the RP20 he has the confidence back, which lacked in the more recent cars he drove, and now he is delivering on track with some spirited performances that have him fifth in the F1 drivers’ points standings, with a podium due him or his teammate Sergio Perez in coming races.

Furthermore, the team his father Lawrence bought for him lie third in the championship standings and have a very realistic chance of remaining there as the season progresses.

But Stroll is not allowing the newfound form to go to his head, “You are always learning. I don’t think there is ever a time, in racing, where I feel completely settled, I’m always trying to progress as a racing driver.

“I have a lot more experience now than when I first started and I feel like I’m in a much better place, but at the same time I’m always looking for what I can do better, what’s next,” added the 21-year-old Canadian.