Prost: Hamilton has a perfect organisation around him

Alain Prost believes Lewis Hamilton is likely to win this year and next year’s Formula 1 World Championship titles while hailing the Mercedes driver’s accomplishments at the pinnacle of the sport and paying a big tribute to the Mercedes team in the process.

Hamilton is on course to break all records in the foreseeable future, set to match Michael Schumacher’s seven F1 titles by the end of this season, and according to The Professor, there is nothing to stop him adding more.

Prost said in an interview with Press Association, “The way Lewis is driving, the confidence he has in his Mercedes team, and the fact that the regulations are going to change very little in 2021, gives him a very good chance to be world champion this year and next. I cannot see anybody beating him.”

Apart from the half dozen titles to date on Hamilton’s work-in-progress CV, jot down 88 Grand Prix victories and 156 podiums in 256 F1 starts and, to add more misery for his rivals, he gets better and better as and when required with no peak in sight.

Prost continued, “It’s unbelievable what Lewis has done but you can only do that if you have a long domination and a long-term commitment with a team.

“When Michael did it, we all thought it would not be possible to beat his records because of how modern Formula 1 is. But we now have a period of domination with Lewis and Mercedes.

“You can compare the dominance of Ferrari and Michael and Mercedes and Lewis because it is basically the same story. You have a perfect organisation with key people in the team and a No.1 and a No.2 driver.

“Psychologically, you have a very stable situation which puts you in a very strong position.

“Sometimes people don’t realise what Lewis is doing because he has produced some exceptional laps, but he can only do that because he is comfortable in the team, confident with the team, and that can help you find the last tenths of a second.”

Prost’s rivalry with the late Ayrton Senna is the stuff of legend, and Hamilton is known to be a big fan of the Brazilian and even modelled his early yellow helmets on those of his hero.

Asked how Lewis would have fared against Ayrton, Prost ventured, “There are a few questions which you cannot answer.

“Do I know Lewis? I have known Lewis since he was 13 and he signed with Ron Dennis at McLaren, but I don’t know him. I don’t know if anyone knows him very well.

“He is one of the best and that is obvious, but how can you judge this generation of cars and drivers? It was more than 30 years ago.

“I would ask myself if I was in Juan Manuel Fangio’s time, would I have been able to be a world champion? Was I as good as him? But Fangio is a good example. He first raced in F1 when he was 38.

“You can have a realistic judgement about Fangio, Ayrton and Lewis, but would we want Lewis to start at 38? No way, so sometimes you have to accept you cannot always compare,” explained 65-year-old Prost who attends F1 as a Renault ambassador.