Todt: Indianapolis return would be very good for Formula 1

FIA President Jean Todt sees big benefits in having Formula 1 return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, venue of today’s 104th running of the fabled Indy 500.

Before today’s start, Roger Penske – who in January became the fourth owner of the venue – will give the command to fire up the engines for the Indianapolis 500.

Todt is a VIP guest at this year’s race and was chauffeured around the paddock by Penske in a golf buggy, where he told Motorsport Network, “Indianapolis is a kind of Silicon Valley of motor racing in the U.S. so of course if the Formula 1 commission proposed to have a race at Indianapolis it would be very good for Formula 1

“Roger Penske and his group have taken the lead, and I was very impressed with what I saw this morning. All the improvements have been done in a very short time; Roger has already achieved quite a lot with facilities that were already very impressive.”

As for another Formula 1 venture, “The responsibility of the calendar is with the commercial rights holder, but clearly Indianapolis has all the ingredients of a Formula 1 venue, all the facilities.”

Todt also applauded various racing disciplines and how they have reacted to the world in partial-lockdown,  “I think it’s remarkable and commendable to see all the efforts that have been done in different championships.

“In Formula 1, in Formula E, in endurance, in IndyCar and all motorsport categories – to make motor racing alive again at this time.

“The easy solution would be to wait until life is back to normal, but we don’t know when it will be. So it’s essential to restart and I commend all the work that has been done, including of course at Indianapolis,” added the FIA President

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