Hamilton: I can only sympathise with Vettel

Lewis Hamilton has come out in defence of beleaguered rival Sebastian Vettel, the German out of a drive at this end of the year after being unceremoniously ditched by Ferrari.

Adding to Vettel’s woes is a slump in form that has plagued him for some time despite a solid showing at the recent Spanish Grand Prix. A week earlier he made a mistake on the opening lap of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix that compromised his Sunday. The consensus: too many self-inflicted mistakes.

Furthermore, the animosity between him and his team is mounting as Seb does little to contain his frustration with the team while unsubtly planting seeds of doubt that he is getting kosher treatment, at Maranello, in these final days.

Nevertheless, Mercedes driver Hamilton, who suffered four years of Vettel dominance earlier this decade, vouches for the four-time F1 World Champion, “I’ve looked back a few races and seen the difficulties Seb has had. I can only sympathize with him and try to understand his situation.

“It can never feel good to be told by your team that you are no longer wanted, but you still have to keep going. You just want to be able to give your whole heart.

“Seb keeps pushing and helping the team. It shows what a great character he has and how dedicated he still is. I hope that something positive will come his way in the future,” added Hamilton who is heading for his seventh F1 world title.

Daniel Ricciardo, who knows Seb well from their Red Bull days together, echoed Hamilton, “Seb is very passionate. He loves the sport.”

“He’s someone who will analyze everything and thus will know how to find the answer and improve the situation. He doesn’t run away from problems, he thinks the sport is too important for that. I, therefore, expect him to emerge stronger from this situation.

“I not only enjoyed being his teammate, but I certainly enjoy racing against him. If he believes he can still compete at the highest level, then he should be 100 percent sure, that would be fine for our sport,” added the Australian.