$2.7-million Mercedes Project One first 275 units sold out

Mercedes have released footage of the stunning Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar, based on current Formula 1 technology and, reportedly, the 275 pre-ordered units have already been sold at a cool $2.7 million a pop.

Motor Authority report that the final power output hasn’t been disclosed but it’s expected to be around 1,020 horsepower. The One is a hybrid with a 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 that can rev to 11,000 rpm.

The engine is expected to produce about 750 hp, and the electric-drive system will make up the rest of the total output. Some of the electric portion of the powertrain is the same as used in F1 cars, just like the engine.

The supercar will also feature two electric motors on the front axle to create all-wheel drive, which F1 cars do not have. In electric-only mode, the One will be powered solely by the front electric motors, making it a front-wheel-drive hypercar, though AMG estimates range will be approximately 15 miles on a full charge.

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE development was filmed (above) at the Daimler Test and Technology Center in Immendingen.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Technical Specifications: