Daniel Ricciardo & Sebastian Vettel

Ricciardo: Vettel is not the type to run away

Daniel Ricciardo & Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel’s recent downswing should not be taken as a sign he is about to leave Ferrari, says former teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Vettel, who is out-of-contract with the Scuderia at the end of 020, has endured a torrid time in his last two Formula 1 races, leading some to suggest he would be better leaving now than waiting to the end of the season.

Asked about his one-time Red Bull teammate on Thursday, Ricciardo said he couldn’t see it happening, as he is “not the type to run away from a problem”.

“One thing you have to say: Seb is very passionate about our sport. He loves motorsport,” he explained. “And I don’t think he’s a guy who just crumples up a piece of paper and throws it in the trash.

“He is someone who analyzes everything precisely and finds a way to improve, or an answer to a question.

“He cares too much, whether it’s out of love for motorsport or for himself, because of his pride. It’s maybe German efficiency too!”

As to whether the German should continue with another team next season – he has been closely linked with a seat at Racing Point – Ricciardo said the only thing that should stop Vettel is Vettel himself.

“If he wants to carry on and believes he can keep up with the top as he has done over the past ten years, then he should carry on one hundred per cent.

“He’s good for Formula 1, but the answer to that question has to come from him.”