Mattia Binotto

Binotto: Organisational restructure means I can do my job better

Mattia Binotto

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says he can now focus better on his management responsibilities after stepping back from his technical role amid the Scuderia’s reorganisation.

Announcing a restructure of its technical department two weeks ago, Ferrari has created a new performance development division helmed by aerodynamics chief Enrico Cardile, which is intended to take much of the heavy-lifting off-of Binotto’s shoulders.

“I am able, now that we’ve got people in the right role, having responsibilities and able to do the right job, to not do any more of the technical director job,” Binotto explained. “There are other people doing it.

“They’ve got clear objectives. I think they are certainly as well enthusiastic and focusing on the objectives they need to achieve.

“On my side there are a lot of things I need to do. Certainly keeping an eye and keeping them in the right position to deliver.”

Enduring a slow start to the 2020 Formula 1 season, Ferrari sit fourth in the constructor’s championship with a car that is significantly lacking in performance compared to last year’s.

Subsequently Binotto’s future with the team has been speculated to be at risk, although Ferrari chairman John Elkann said last week that the Italian had his full support.

Speaking about his current situation, Binotto maintained there was plenty of reason for hope, and that with Elkann’s backing he had the time needed to turn it around.

“It’s certainly difficult, but it is as well an honour, we should not forget that,” he told Channel 4. “I think if you look back, we have had competitive seasons. We are not competitive at all today, but I’m pretty sure we can reverse it in the future.

“It’s important having the support of the board members, of our chairman, our CEO. I think we are sharing the same vision, the same objectives. We know that we need some patience. There are no silver bullets so we are just trying to reinforce the team.”