Helmut Marko

Marko: If Pink Mercedes is approved, we can do the same with AlphaTauri

Helmut Marko

AlphaTauri could follow in the footsteps of Racing Point by producing a copy of Red Bull’s car, says team advisor Helmut Marko.

Currently under protest by Renault, the Racing Point RP20 is in many ways a copy of technical-partners Mercedes’ 2019 car, the W10, and is alleged to have illegally used the same brake duct design on its 2020 challenger.

With a verdict expected before the British Grand Prix this weekend, Marko says a dismissal could lead him to pursue a similar avenue with Red Bull sister team AlphaTauri, even if he understands why some in the paddock remain opposed to such a practice.

“I have no problem, if that is allowed,” he told Kronen Zeitung. “Then we can do the same with Alpha Tauri and save money on top of it. But this secret trickery bothers me. If it is allowed, then it should be allowed and you can stand by it one hundred percent.

“We’d have, like, four Red Bulls. But for teams like Renault or McLaren that don’t have a B team, it’s a problem.”

Not the only way in which the case will affect his team, Racing Point have been serious challengers for Red Bull’s title as best-of-the-rest in 2020, with Marko they could have the upper hand at Silverstone.

“[It’s a] power track,” he said. “So the Pink Mercedes will be dangerous as hell!”