Sebastian Vettel

Jordan: I probably wouldn’t employ Vettel at Racing Point

Sebastian Vettel

Eddie Jordan said he would probably not hire Sebastian Vettel ahead of the 2021 Formula 1 season if he was in charge at Racing Point.

The pundit founded Jordan Grand Prix back in 1991, with the team going through several ownership cycles before becoming Racing Point in 2018.

Now owned by Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll, the team will become Aston Martin from the start of next season and have been linked with a move for four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, who is set to leave Ferrari at the end of this year.

“Sebastian will be sadly missed in Formula 1, he’s a four-time champion, will he ever get back to the days he achieved with Adrian [Newey] and Christian [Horner], who knows,” Jordan told the F1 Nation podcast.

“For sure he’s had a couple of horrific years inside Ferrari. Vettel: can he rekindle the kind of sparkle, fire, and the enthusiasm and charisma he had? It’s going to be difficult at his age. Would I employ him? Probably not, because I think there’s far, far too many young kids coming through that might just squeeze him out at the time. One year ago very few people would have given much credibility to the fact that Charles Leclerc would have completely destroyed him in many respects in his first year [at Ferrari] but yet he did.”

Currently, Racing Point have a driver line-up of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll, which has a rhythm that Jordan feels they could risk upsetting by hiring Vettel.

“Are you telling me in a similar car that he [Vettel] could fight toe to toe with Lewis Hamilton? At the moment psychologically he can’t even do that with Charles Leclerc. Can he do it with Lewis, I don’t think so,” Jordan added.

“That would be the way I would look at it in terms of [if] I was the boss of the team. Of course you’d love him in the car, and I got my best results, first win, with Damon [Hill], and he was bordering on retiring age but yet he has that cunning guile just like I think Lewis is coming into that realm. For sure four-time World Champion Vettel is a huge prize for any team but would you destroy the team that has Sergio plus income plus money and a good rhythm inside the team?”

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