Seidl: No grounds for Racing Point protest

Andreas Seidl

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes there are no grounds for teams to launch a protest over the controversial RP20.

The Silverstone team attracted attention during pre-season testing after heavily basing the design of their car on the 2019 world championship winning Mercedes.

In response, there had been reports that rival teams could lodge a protest against Racing Point, but Seidl confirmed McLaren had no intention to do so.

“We can only speak for ourselves,” he told reporters, including Grand Prix 247. “There is absolutely no intention to launch any protest, because I think there’s no grounds for that.

“In the end, Mercedes and Racing Point have chosen to go down this route which I think there’s room within the regulations to do.

“Do I like it? Of course I don’t like it, but at the same time, if it’s possible within the regulations to have this kind of cooperation – in terms of sharing wind tunnel technology and so on – there’s no reason to complain.

“I simply think it’s important for Formula 1 to put out further clarifications towards the future to make sure that there’s certain limitations on what we can do.

“To be honest, I have a lot of respect for what Racing Point is doing, we have seen in the past that they are a great team which has been quite successful with restricted resources, and in the end, I prefer to focus on ourselves.”